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You have heard about the Blues but have no idea how to start to actually sing it.
You have watched some youtube videos on how to start improvising as a vocalist but just don't know how to put it all together.
You are an enthusiastic vocalist who wants to branch out into jazz improv with no idea where to start.
If any one of the statements above rings describes you, then this masterclass is for you!

In this masterclass you will learn:

How to use the concept of call and response to create your own Blues

The form of the basic 12-bar Blues

How to sing some Blues Heads

How to use Blues heads and the roots of the chords to solo over the Blues

New rhythmic and melodic phrases that have been created just for this Masterclass

You will get backing tracks created specifically for this course to practice with as well as downloadable pdfs with the essential information.

Here's what zoom participants have said about the class:

"This was a great course. Elisabeth started from the knowledge we had and talked us through everything in a logical fashion, with many examples, considering all our questions. The course vastly improved my understanding of the blues chord progressions, the blues scale and, above all, how to use all of this to "build" an improvisation. There were lots hands-on exercises to train the ear, improve the feeling for the blues, and challenge and build up the improvisation vocabulary.
Now that the course is over I have acquired a large set of tools and many ideas to continuously work on and have fun with improvisation. Thanks a lot!!!"

 - Cornelia K.

"I found the course helpful for getting an overview into Blues imiprovisation and for learning about the Blues in general. I think you explained everything very well and with great structure and suggested excellent exercises, so that I was able to follow along well."

 - Sian W.

"Great overview on the Blues and step-by-step, well structured introduction to improvisation."

 - Simone W.

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